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    In September of 2008 I was looking for a group or a team for whose game I could compose music. While I had an idea for a game of my own, I was prepared to join up with another established team and just help them with their project. However I had posted up a thread saying that I was looking for one committed person with whom I could work on a project, as it has been my experience that most projects fall apart because of a lack of dedication. About a month into looking I went to check my PM and found one written "I'm probably the 1 you are looking for!" Intrigued I opened it up and met Marco, an Italian student, Japanese RPG afficianado, dedicated worker and incredible programmer.
    At this point it seemed perfect; Marco's experience with projects led us to use SVN and sourceforge and we were soon up and running with a working idea. While the ideas and story of the game grew as we talked over MSN, we both had specific tasks at which we worked. Marco was compiling scripts and graphics we could use for the game, while I was mapping the beginning scene and reworking songs into working oggs. We were well on our way towards making a great game that, more than anything else, we wanted to play and enjoy. However, despite our various talents, it soon became painfully aware that we were lacking in something else: the visual aspect of the game.
    In order to combat this deficiency, I posted up a recruitment thread on the rpgmakervx.net forums. At first it was tedious and no one replied. Then we soon despaired at the apparent hopelessness of the situation, until a savior sent us an e-mail. Lora sent me an e-mail 6 days shy of Halloween and said she had been looking for a serious project to help out in the art field for a while. While she was mostly interested in drawing faces, we soon pummeled her with other requests such as sprites, battlebacks and animated battlers. And as we have come to expect from her, she responded beautifully. Our game soon had dangerous enemies to fight in compelling and realistic areas. Needless to say this quality enhanced the game and the player's experience by leaps and bounds. Lora's addition to the team was the exact piece we were looking for.
    After that, as they say, is history. We kept on working, running over impediments that cropped up, and created audial and visual artwork to complement a game that our passion drove us to complete. It has been a very long road, but I have not regretted a single day and I believe and hope that neither have my teammates. This is, after all, what I love doing.

All the best,

Zach Rosen

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