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Lodestone is a 2-dimensional RPG currently in construction by university students. The impetus for this project was a common love for video games and more specifically Roleplaying games. Using what tools we have available, our mission is to create a vibrant, rich, and immersive video game.

We are planning to create a six-chapter game, with each chapter delivering 2-3 hours of gameplay. In Chapter 1 you will begin Lodestone in an army camp, and as a member of a special unit that is being deployed into a hostile city. This is to be your last mission before you are allowed to return home to his love, but things end badly and you are forced to escape. This starts your journey. From this point on you will have to struggle across dangerous terrains and deceiving puzzles, battle through technologically advanced enemy soldiers, gain and lose friendships and encounter unique and deadly monsters. To those who enjoy a homegrown RPG experience, Lodestone2d awaits.


Download Chapter 1:

Lodestone2d is brought to you by:

Marco Di Antonio (bulletxt@gmail.com)
Zach Rosen (empyreanrrv@gmail.com)
Lora Kalthoff (soruve.lora@gmail.com)
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